Charitable Objects as listed in the constitution are as follows:-

To provide relief for people of Somalian descent living in the London borough of Barnet and the neighbouring boroughs who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by the provision of advice and information in the areas of welfare, health, housing, education and immigration.

Mission Statement – our mission statement is:

“The BSCG believes that Somalis are a valuable addition to the community in the UK and that all they require is support, guidance and equal access to opportunity to enable full social and economic integration.

Our mission is to provide that support through a range of needs led programmes to build confidence and facilitate access to opportunities which will ensure that Somalis fulfil their potential and achieve integration whilst maintaining their rich and special culture”.

Operational Aims – the aims of Barnet Somali Community Group are as follows:-

  1. Young Somalis will maintain pace with their studies in order to gain an education leading to recognised qualifications to improve their life opportunities
  2. Somalis of all ages will gain employment driven skills enabling them to be competitive in the employment market
  3. Somalis of all ages will access services equally which support their social, housing, health, welfare, education, training and employment needs
  4. Somali elders will live healthier lives and their isolation will be reduced
  5. Females from the Somali community will gain equal access to services to counter previous and current exclusions due to gender and cultural constraints
  6. The Somali community will come together to foster an ethos of self help and work their way out of poverty to achieve full social and economic integration within the UK

Objectives – the aims of BSCG will be achieved by providing:-

  1. high quality advice and information on relevant issues to support the Somali community (Including welfare, housing, health, employment and resettlement).
  2. supplementary education for children to raise their level of attainment and ensure that they have equal access to a school education.
  3. activities for young people to take them off the streets and engage them in constructive activity which builds confidence and skills.
  4. a range of programmes responsive to identified (actual) needs of the Somali community as dedicated and appropriate programmes
  5. work in partnership with other agencies to tackle problems normally faced by Somalis in a joint effort as part of a broader community strategy.
  6. services, resources and facilities of high quality thus ensuring that the Somali community has every chance of success in their endeavours

Core Values – the core values of Barnet Somali Community Group drive the way in which we operate and include the following :-

  1. We operate an equal opportunities policy applicable to all sections of the Somali community including youth, elders, males, females and people with disabilities.
  2. Our premises are fully wheelchair-accessible and have disabled toilet facilities thus effecting inclusivity.
  3. Our services are free of charge, confidential and independent of any funder or outside agency ensuring impartiality and access to all despite people’s levels of income or lack thereof.
  4. Inclusivity to all BSCG programmes will be effected proactively – this might include programmes which focus upon individual sections of the community as well as programmes which bring all communities together e.g. development of gender dedicated work
  5. We will promote active involvement in activities at all levels and of all ages to ensure that every one can participate

Partnership is key to delivering many BSCG programmes – we will seek partners to best involve the community in our activities and to engage input from different perspectives to ensure strategy locally, avoid duplication and gain involvement on a cross sectoral basis