Supplementary School Tutoring Programme

It’s the thirteenth year that our community is running supplementary education on Saturdays and Sundays.  The main aims are to:-

  • support Somali children in their school’s core academic subjects.
  • assist them in bringing their achievements to the mainstream level.
  • raise their motivation, self-esteem and confidence.
  • enhance their methods of study and exam techniques.
  • provide introduction of the British education system.
  • offer special help to parents of newcomers.

The Need – one of the main problems with young Somalis is their lack of education when growing up within the UK.

This can be caused by language barriers or through problems within the family home initiated through overcrowding and the general problems in coming to a new country as a Refugee.

The trend, it would follow, is that once a young person falls behind with studies, the motivation disappears and after leaving school they will not have a very good chance of gaining meaningful employment thus consigning them to a life of poverty and a general dependence upon the state welfare system.

This could even lead to young Somalis gaining involvement in criminal activities or drugs / solvents abuse in response to their problems.

The school is targeted at young Somalis living within the London borough of Barnet in years 4 – 9 at school (Key stages 2 – 3).

The idea is to “capture” Somali children at a young age and thus prevent them from falling behind with their school work and entering into such a downward trend.

This can only be achieved by overcoming the barriers they face and helping them cope with their school work through extra support in their studies.

School activities – The main focus of the school is on developing competence / excellence in the core subjects of the National Curriculum (English, Maths and Science).

  • The classes are delivered on Saturdays 10:00 – 15:00 for 35 weeks per year.
  • We teach Key Stage 2 (Year 4 to Year 6) and Key Stage 3 (Year 7 to Year 9) students
  • Every week, the average attendance is 30 – 40 school children with some weeks accommodating up to 60 during the months preceding the SATS (January - May)

Outputs and monitoring130 children have been supported in the school over the past year (see Figure below) as we are able to rotate the intake to maximise the numbers we can accommodate.  

We regularly monitor the school by taking into account the:-

  • Numbers of children measured through registers
  • Numbers completing terms
  • Numbers of qualifications gained
  • Statistical changes in their school results from testing, examination and project course work
  • Other outputs

Number of students supported at the community since 2001