The Somali 'Recession Progression' Programme

Project Aim

The aim breaks down into 2 spheres:-

  1. Somalis will gain key skills to assist them in managing their money to set and live within budgets in order not to accrue debts - for those who have already accumulated debt, they will be supported by appropriate solutions to develop schemes to repay over time, keep their homes and remain above poverty levels.
  2. Somalis will access employment or maintain their employed status - they will progress along a career pathway to improved job opportunities and not settle for menial low paid jobs which shift them from `workless poor' into `working poor'.

The Somali 'Recession & Progression' Programme has been designed for Somalis living in the London Borough of Barnet, the key target area and where activities will be based.


The programme introduces a range of activities including:-

  1. Money Advice - advice on a wide range of debts and associated issues. We will assist with the preparation of personal budgets, provide advice on the prioritisation of debts and act on behalf of clients in negotiation of repayment plans.
  2. Financial Linked Advice services - catering for housing and associated issues such as Council Tax, Housing benefits, utility bills and other issues which have come about as a direct result of the recession.
  3. Employment Advice - sessions which assist Somalis to gain jobs, make the transition from benefits to employment and remain in employment when appropriate.
  4. Mentoring - we will recruit and engage mentors from within the Somali community to assist their peers
  5. Job Club - to work 1-1 with Somalis, develop job search activities and locate meaningful opportunities which can be pursued not just jobs which remove people from their unemployed status temporarily.
  6. Personal Development - support in CV development, role play activities and interview techniques, filling out application forms, presentation skills etc. These sessions will also target those Somalis in work at present to provide support in developing and progressing along career pathways.